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FK Digital is a well-known digital marketing agency in Pune, India that specializes in this type of work. We have been able to help a lot of well-known clients with their Digital Marketing and Social Media campaigns.

Having an online presence is the easiest way to get your business out there because most people do that these days, too. For decades, we have learned how to promote businesses on a tight budget and how we can help you do the same. People choose us because we have a lot of experience with Lead Generation services.


We've Driven Over 3,191,927 Leads For Clients Through Digital Marketing

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    Are You Facing These Struggles?


    Low Online Visibility

    Your real estate business might be exceptional, but if potential clients can't find you online, it's challenging to attract leads and grow your customer base.

    Ineffective Lead Generation

    You're struggling to generate qualified leads, and your marketing efforts seem to fall short in converting prospects into clients.


    Limited Brand Awareness

    Your real estate business might be outstanding, but if your brand lacks recognition, you could miss out on valuable opportunities.

    See What Our Clients Are Saying

    John Smith
    (Real Estate Owner)

    "Working with FK Digital was a game-changer for our real estate agency! Their expertise in the digital marketing landscape helped us boost our online presence and generate a significant increase in leads. Their tailored strategies, from SEO to social media marketing, have positioned us as a top player in the market. "

    Sarah Johnson
    (Marketing Manager)

    "We had struggled to make our mark in the competitive real estate industry until we partnered with FK Digital. Their team demonstrated exceptional knowledge and creativity in developing our online marketing campaigns. Their attention to detail and data-driven approach led to a higher conversion rate cum improved Return on Investment on our advertising spend. "

    Michael Davis
    (Real Estate Agent)

    "As a real estate agent, I was looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and attract more clients. That's when I found FK Digital. Their dedication and commitment to our success were evident from the beginning. They crafted a brilliant digital marketing strategy for my personal brand, incorporating social media, content marketing, and targeted advertising. "

    Key Strategies to Help Maximize the ROI


    Areas Where We Shine


    Paid Search


    Full-Funnel Digital Tactics

    Real Time Performance Dashboards

    Tracking and Attribution Build-out

    Customer Journey Mapping Analysis

    CRM and Data Integration

    Landing Page Creation& Management

    Lead Scoring & Performance Projecting

    Ready To 9X Your Real Estate Agency?

    FK Digital Marketing Services

    Real Estate Lead Funnels & Website Design


    Creating Effective Real Estate Lead Magnets

    Real Estate Email Marketing & CRM Management


    Real Estate Digital Ads to Achieve Marketing Objectives

    Real Estate for Social Media YouTube & Video Marketing


    What You’ll Get Working with FK Digital

    Progressive Leader in the Marketing Industry in the Ever-Evolving Digital Landscape


    AI & Tool

    Stay up-to-date & embrace new technologies, tools and platforms. It includes AI-drive solutions, advanced analytics to smoothen your process resulting in impactful solution



    Encourage a culture of continuous learning & keep your team updated over the finest learnings like practices and trends

    Data Security

    Base marketing data-driven approach is upon data rather than assumptions. So, make sure you collect data to modify the area of improvement


    Social Media Integration

    Adapt agile marketing methods in a quick manner so as to respond to altering market scenario. So, look for adaptability & flexibility


    Clear Call to Actions

    Prioritize customer experience & focus on market process. further, know the process & deliver finest service to take your scale to newer heights


    SEO Friendly

    When we say that a website is "SEO friendly", it means that it is designed and structured in a way that makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index its pages.

    The Perfect Mix Of Channels To Grow Your Real Estate

    Reduced Sales Qualified Leads Cost Per Lead By 47% To 52%

    Sales Generating Funnels
    We’ve Build For Our Clients


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    We've Driven Over 3,191,927 Leads For Clients Through Digital Marketing

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